Our Mission

Dallas Psychiatric Associates was founded with the goal of providing mental health care of the highest quality and improve people's lives one at a time. Our metric of success is helping the greatest amount of people's lives and helping them feel better.

Our Values


We give you the highest quality mental healthcare in Texas. We have a team of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and Counselors to best suit your needs and provide you with a variety of mental healthcare solutions.


We believe in having open communications between our practitioners and patients as having a fast line of communication outside the office.


We make sure our diagnosing and treating methods are scientific and methodical. We link solutions to your mental problems based on evidence-based practices.

Our Practice

In November 2015, DPA celebrated 14 years of serving people in the DFW area. The practice was founded with the goal of providing mental health care of the highest quality. Our mission is to improve people's lives, one at a time. We base our success on helping people live and feel better.

If you or your family are needing help, please contact a psychiatrist in your local area to make an appointment as soon as possible. Psychiatric problems are very treatable and delays in getting the care you need could be serious.

Call 972-248-2299 for an immediate appointment

Why Us

As psychiatrists, child psychiatrists and other practitioners, DPA is uniquely qualified to assist you. We are experienced and caring physicians and other mental health professionals. Our service is affordable and responsive to your needs. Our treatments are comprehensive and evidence-based.

Insurance Accepted

- Blue Cross Blue Shield
- United Healthcare
- Cigna
- Aetna

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